Recent Before & After Photos

Portland Residential Fire

Fire damage to homes and commercial properties can happen any day or night. The longer the smoke, soot, odor residues, ashes, etc stay in your home the further ... READ MORE

Fires Can Strike at Any Time

Heavy fires are never convenient. SERVPRO of East Portland has trucks loaded with equipment such as air scrubbers, SERVPRO products, Personal Protection Equipme... READ MORE

Forgot Something in the Attic?

A fire occurring in the attic is more common than usual. The previous photo shows the ceiling collapsed from the attic fire. SERVPRO of East Portland checked ev... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires are very devastating. A fire can immediately spread before you know it. This before photograph shows a kitchen caught fire and burnt to the ceilin... READ MORE


SERVPRO of East Portland was called on an emergency service call to a residential property due to mold growth. Mold is very sensitive and can start reproducing ... READ MORE


Spring is just around the corner! SERVPRO of East Portland is always ready to book appointments and help the community. We have professional carpet cleaning equ... READ MORE

SERVPRO of East Portland Is Here After A Fire

We respond to all fire losses, and follow our standard 1 hour or less response rate. SERVPRO of East Portland stays in communication with the homeowner to make ... READ MORE

Garage Fire - Portland, OR

Fires losses can be very devastating. Whether you have a fire loss in a residential or commercial property SERVPRO of East Portland is ready to service the comm... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Clean-Up in Your Community

On a hot summer day, SERVPRO of East Portland was called to a fire extinguisher powder clean-up in a residential home. As many individuals know, powder residue ... READ MORE

Smoke Clean up After Oven Caught on Fire

SERVPRO of East Portland was called for emergency fire services to a residential home to properly and safely clean-up a smoke damaged home. Our crew immediately... READ MORE